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Condensation Curing Silicone Sealant Formulation Guide
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Silane Crosslinkers
SiSiB SILANES has been developing and producing crosslinkers and coupling agents for the sealant industry for over 28 years, supplying world markets with a successful range of innovative products.

Acetoxy Silane Crosslinker Oximino Silane Crosslinker Alkoxy Silane Crosslinker
SiSiB® PC7930 MTA SiSiB® PC7130 MOS SiSiB® PC5131 MTMS
SiSiB® PC7950 ETA SiSiB® PC7500 VOS SiSiB® PC5132 MTES
SiSiB® PC7960 VTA SiSiB® PC7400 TOS SiSiB® PC5420 TEOS
SiSiB® PC7970 PTA SiSiB® PC7600 POS SiSiB® PC5424 TEOS-40
    SiSiB® PC7133 Methyl MIBKO Silane SiSiB® PC5430 TPOS
    SiSiB® PC7530 Vinyl MIBKO Silane SiSiB® PC6110 VTMO
    SiSiB® PC7410 Tetra MIBKO silane SiSiB® PC6151 Enoxy
    SiSiB® PC7131 Methyl Acetoxime Silane SiSiB® PC8151 Enoxy
    SiSiB® PC7531 Vinyl Acetoxime Silane    

Since in Europe MEKO releasing sealants are under a lot of pressure, more and more customer are looking for low MEKO crosslinkers. Probably in 2017 MEKO releasing sealants will be banned from the European market for a big part.As a solution, now we are producing Acetoxime & Methyl Isobutyl Ketoxime based crosslinkers, like our PC7131, PC7133, PC7530, PC7531 etc.

The crosslinking agent used in RTV silicone systems consists of a species that can be represented as R-Si-X3 (typically used in one component systems) or Si-X4 (typically used in two component systems). The R is an organic group such as a methyl, ethyl, or vinyl, and the X is a moisture hydrolysable group. A simplified cure mechanism for a one-component silicone RTV sealant is shown in below:

Figure A: Reaction of crosslinker with polymer ends:
Figure B: Reaction of crosslinker-capped polymer end with moisture:
Figure C: Reaction of resultant polymer end with another polymer:

SiSiB® Silicones for Textile SiSiB® SILANE DONORS
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SiSiB® Silane Crosslinkers SiSiB® Silane Coupling Agents