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SiSiB® VF6960

Vinyldimethyl terminated dimethyl-methyltrifluoropropyl polysiloxane copolymers
Chemical Structure
SiSiB® VF6960 is a colorless transparent oil liquid, CAS number 68951-98-4.
Typical Physical Properties
Color and Appearance Colorless transparent oil liquid
Product VF6960-300 VF6960-500 VF6960-1000
Viscosity 25°C 300cSt 500cSt 1000cSt
Flash point, open cup >260°C >270°C >300°C
Volatile (200°C, 4h): <5% <5% <5%
Boiling Point >300°C >300°C >300°C
SiSiB® VF6960 is used for defoaming agent, lubricating oil, and grease which can improve the corrosion resistance and solvent resistance.

SiSiB® VF6960 is also used as efficient defoaming agent and fabric finishing agent for spin printing and dyeing, which provides smaller surface tension, lower refractive index, and oil resistance and water resistance.
SiSiB® VF6960 is supplied in 5Kg drums, 10Kg drums, and 20Kg drums., for more details, please visit Packing Centre.
Technical Library
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