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Silicone Fluid - Hydroxy Vinyl Silicone Fluid

SiSiB® OF6051

Silanol-terminated dimethyl methylvinyl polysiloxane copolymer
Chemical Structure
SiSiB® OF6051 is a low viscosity hydroxyl terminated methyl vinyl silicone fluid.
Typical Physical Properties
Product: Silanol-terminated dimethyl methylvinyl polysiloxane copolymer
CAS No.: 67923-19-7
Color and Appearance: Colorless clear liquid
Active Content: 100%
Specific Gravity [25°C]: 0.98
Viscosity [25°C]: <30 cSt
OH Content, weight: 3.9~4.1%
Vinyl Content, weight: 3.9~4.8%
Low viscosity silanol fluids are employed as filler treatments and structure control additives in silicone rubber compounding.
SiSiB® OF6051 fluid is supplied in 25Kg pail or 200Kg steel drum.
Technical Library
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