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SiSiB® EF2055

Chemical Structure
SiSiB® EF2055 is a silicone oil lubricant.

Typical Physical Properties
Product: SiSiB® EF2055
CAS No.: 63148-61-8
Color and Appearance: Colorless to straw liquid
Specific Gravity [25°C]: 0.96
Flash Pointt: >150°C
PH Value: -
Acid Value(KOH, mg/g) <0.1
SiO2 Content: 56~60%
EtO Content: <0.5%
Water Content: <0.01%
Viscosity 25°C 16~21 cSt
Polydiethylsiloxanes offer improved metal-metal lubrication and low temperature properties when compared to polydimethylsiloxanes.
SiSiB® EF2055 and SiSiB® EF2056 can be mixed with other mineral oil or grease; they are widely used in textile industry. Generally SiSiB® EF2055 is used as spindle lubricant, and SiSiB® EF2056 is used as roller lubricant.

SiSiB® EF2055 is supplied in 5Kg, 25Kg plastic drum., for more details, please visit Packing Centre.
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