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Silicone Fluids - Phenyl Cyclosilxoane Mixture

SiSiB® PF9181

Phenyl-Methyl-Cyclosiloxane Fluids
Trimethyl-triphenyl-cyclotrisiloxane 20~30%,
Tetramethyl-tetraphenyl-cyclotetrasiloxane 55~65%,
Pentamethyl-pentaphenyl-cyclopentasiloxane 10~20%
Chemical Structure
SiSiB® PF9181 is a Phenyl Methyl Cyclic Mixture (Phenylmethylcyclosiloxanes), CAS number 68037-54-7.
Typical Physical Properties
Product: SiSiB® PF9181
Molecular Weight: N.A.
Color and Appearance: Clear liquid with possible crystal
Specific Gravity 25°C 1.12
Refractive Index: 1.545
Active Content: Min.99%
SiSiB® PF9181 is used in phenyl silicone rubber.
SiSiB® PF9181 is packaged in net 200Kg steel drum.
Technical Library
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