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Oximino Silanes Intermediate | Anti-Skinning Agent | Ketoxime

SiSiB® PB2002

Methyl Isobutyl Ketoxime.
Synonym: MIBKO;
4-Methyl-2-pentanone oxime
Chemical Structure

Skinning is the biggest nuisance in protective coatings. Skinning causes the avoidable waste of a costly coating material. Paint containers are not always filled to the brim. So air present in a void reacts with the paint, thereby causing oxidation and polymerization of the coating at the air/paint interface. This results in formation of a solid skin during storage. The lost of paint due to skinning is estimated to be as much as 3 to 5%. This not only worries the consumers but also the manufacturers when it comes to filling of small containers. The minute doze of an effective anti-skinning agent can alleviate the difficulty of skinning.

SiSiB® PB2002 is one of the finest anti-skinning agents. It has proved very effective in preventing the formation of surface skin in the packaged solvent based paint, varnishes and printing inks also.

Typical Physical Properties
Chemical Name: Methyl Isobutyl Ketoxime
CAS No.: 105-44-2
EINECS No.: 203-298-2
Empirical Formula: C6H13NO
Molecular Weight: 115.17
Boiling Point: 68-70°C/8mmHg
Flash Point: 173°C
Color and Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Pt-Co): Max.10
Density [25°C]: 1.4440
Refractive Index [25°C]: 0.880
Acid Value: (mg KOH/g) Max.2.0%
Purity: 99.0%
SiSiB® PB2002 can be used as intermediate for novel silane crosslinkers:
Methyl tris-(methyl isobutyl ketoximino) silane
Vinyl tris-(methyl isobutyl ketoximino) silane
Tetrakis-(methyl isobutyl ketoximino) silane.

SiSiB® PB2002 can be used as anti-skinning agent.
Net weight 210L steel drum or 1000L IBC container, for more details, please visit Packing Centre.
Technical Library
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