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Silanes & Silicones for Plastics
  Polymer Manufacturing (Silane Donors for Polypropylene Catalysts) Siloxane Masterbatch
  Engineering Plastic (Siloxane Masterbatch & Powder) Slip Masterbatch For Packing Film.
  High Performance Plastic / Filled Plastic (Thermosets) Anti-wear agent Masterbatch
  Silane Crosslinking PE (XLPE) Anti-Scratch Masterbatch
  Adhesion Promotion in HFFR Cables Siloxane Powder

Siloxane Masterbatch

SiSiB Siloxane Masterbatch is pelletized micro-dispersions of special ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymers. They typically contain 25~50% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymers and different plastic carrier resins.

Siloxane Masterbatch are produced in solid form for ease of use.

The siloxane polymer component of the Siloxane Masterbatch can eliminate blooming as well as migration of fluids and other organic plastic additives, which can occur when using lower molecular weight silicone materials.

  Siloxane masterbatch are typically used to:
  Modify the surface of finished plastic parts for friction management
  Improve mar resistance and wear resistance
  Increase melt flow for cycle time reduction

  Low concentrations (0.1 - 1.0%) of these siloxane masterbatch can:
  Increase compounding efficiency
  Improve polymer flow and mold filling
  Reduce cycle time
  Lower extruder torque
  Easier mold release

Concentrations of 1% to 8% siloxane can significantly improve surface properties, including better lubricity, gloss and slip, and improve mar resistance and scratch resistance. The masterbatch can significantly reduce the coefficient of friction of a polymer without affecting post-finishing operations such as printing, plating, and painting.

Product Appearance Silicone Content Carrier Application
SiSiB® MB1050 White Pellets 50% LDPE PE PP PA TPE
SiSiB® MB2050 White Pellets 50% EVA PE PP PA EVA
SiSiB® MB3050 White Pellets 50% TPEE PET PBT
SiSiB® MB4050 White Pellets 50% HDPE HDPE
SiSiB® MB5050 White Pellets 50% ABS ABS AS PC PC/ABS
SiSiB® MB6050 White Pellets 50% PP PP
SiSiB® MB7030 White Pellets 30% PA6 PA
SiSiB® MB7040 White Pellets 40% PA6 PA
SiSiB® MB8030 White Pellets 30% PET PET
SiSiB® MB8040 White Pellets 40% PET PET
SiSiB® MB9050 White Pellets 50% TPU TPU
SiSiB® MB10050 White Pellets 50% HIPS PE, PP
SiSiB® MB11050 White Pellets 40% POM POM
SiSiB® MB12050 White Pellets 50% LLDPE PE, PP
SiSiB® MB13025 White Pellets 25% PC PC, PC/ABS
SiSiB® MB15050 White Pellets 50% SAN PVC, PC, PC/ABS

Slip Masterbatch For Packing Film.

  Improved slip properties.
  Decreased coefficient of friction.
  Enhanced stability.
  Enhanced lubricity.
  Eliminated blooming

Product Appearance Dosage Carrier
SiSiB® MB1050 White pellets 2~5% LDPE
SiSiB® MB6050 White pellets 2~5% PP
SiSiB® MB6610 White pellets 8~12% PP
SiSiB® MB6620 White pellets 4~5% PP
SiSiB® MB6630 Gray pellets 5~10% TPU
SiSiB® MB6640 Gray pellets 5~7% EVA

Anti-wear agent Masterbatch

Product Appearance Dosage Application
SiSiB® MB100 White pellets 0.8~5% TR, TPR
SiSiB® MB200 White pellets 1.5~8% EVA, PVC
SiSiB® MB300 White pellets 1.5~5% Rubber Soles
SiSiB® MB400 White pellets 0.3~2% TPU

Anti-Scratch Masterbatch

Product Appearance Silicone Content Carrier
SiSiB® MB6150 White pellets 50% PP
SiSiB® MB6250 White pellets 50% PP
SiSiB® MB5050 White pellets 50% ABS

Siloxane Powder

Siloxane powders (also known as resin modifiers) are 100% active, free-flowing powders available in both non-reactive and organically reactive grades of special ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymers with fumed silica.
Product Silicone Content Carrier Application
SiSiB® SP1050 50% Silica Thermoplastics
SiSiB® SP1070 70% Silica Thermoplastics
SiSiB® SP2060 60% Silica Thermoplastics
SiSiB® SP3060 60% Silica PVC compounds
SiSiB® SP5060 60% Silica Polyolefin masterbatch, Highly filled masterbatch

SiSiB® Silicones for Textile SiSiB® SILANE DONORS
SiSiB® Silicones Water Repellents SiSiB® Silicones for Personal Care
SiSiB® Silicone PU Additives SiSiB® Silicone Coating Additives
SiSiB® Silicone Masterbatch for Plastic SiSiB® STP (Silane Terminated Polymer)
SiSiB® Silane Crosslinkers SiSiB® Silane Coupling Agents